Gnar, the Missing Link



Is Princess Daisy fucking indestructible?!?!

This why they can’t put her in smash bros


Remember Pasha and Goomrrat? They’re the two people who created the Girl’s Generation Ahri, which encouraged Riot to make the Popstar Ahri skin.

They made a Frozen Queen Syndra

10/10 would build snowman

A video of the login screen can be found here.

You can also go to the source site to download the .swf to make your own login screen.


proud of this girl

fairy guild ☼ summer


I’m starting a new section for this blog called “The Dream Walker” where I’ll be going to dream adresses and I’ll be posting the screens of my trip with a brief description and opinion about the town I visited. I’ll try to do this at least once a week, but ideally twice and maybe three times a week. The post will be tagged as “dreamwalker” and “dream town”.


Social Experiment 2.0